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SALE!! Reduced from £47.95 to £39.50 Leather draught excluder. End of colour range.


Draught Stopper - made in Scotland - from experience! Our leather draught excluders are designed and made in our studio workshop in the east of Scotland. We use full grain top quality upholstery leather from specially selected hides - very supple, soft yet hard wearing.

The draught excluders are stitched with double and single seams giving an interesting design detail. The bead filling is made from recycled plastic granules giving the draught excluder a good weight which means it fits snugly to a draughty door.

It is equally at home in a contemporary environment as in a traditional farmhouse.

Weight: 1.6 kilo. 7cms high with 22 cms circumference x 90cms length.

Customers ordering from outwith the UK, from Europe and the rest world, please contact us for a shipping quote for draught excluders.